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  • Thank you

    Dear Zoe, I met you briefly this morning at the Loseley fair and have just been reading through your website. (I bought the rabbit muslin square and was there with my baby at around 10am.) I just wanted to say I love your products and am so impressed with the designs and quality. Please make the rabbit design into bedding soon as I would love it for our daughter's room! I was so sorry to read about your father's death - why such tragic events seem to hit the best people is beyond me. Our family have also had to endure a lot of sadness too, so you have my deepest empathy. I wish you every luck with your business and to see it doing so well after just 8 months is a testament to your skill, determination and design flair. Best wishes, Gemma x
  • Great baby gifts

    Hi Zoe, I love the muslins and the packaging is so pretty too. When I ordered I expected them to take a few days to arrive, but they were delivered the next day! They are a gift for a friends new little granddaughter, I'm sure the new mum will love them.
  • Zoe's Design

    Truly beautiful design with lots of creative and naturalistic motifs by a young and talented designer. I can highly recommend it!
  • Mrs

    I have bought several of Zoe's muslin squares for babies of friends. They are beautifully designed, soft to touch and larger than the normal muslins on sale! The friends who received them were delighted and if I could I would give them 10/10! An excellent purchase and an excellent present!
  • Mrs

    What a great idea! Your design patterns Zoe are excellent you are very talented. Betty New Zealand

Setting Myself A New Challenge

Setting Myself A New Challenge

As many of you will know, at the start of the year I set myself the goal of joining in with the drawing a day challenge for 2017. Needless to say, it didn’t pan out quite how I hoped! After a good start, I smashed my phone screen, and the posting stopped. I won’t make excuses that this was the reason I really stopped, as I could have picked it up later when the phone was fixed. In reality, I just ran out of time to continue, and after not completing it for the phoneless month, I just couldn’t start back up.

So, as I do really miss it, I am starting the new challenge of drawing an alphabet based illustration a week. There are 25 weeks left to the year, and 26 letters, so one week I will double up, but the idea is to go through the alphabet, and each week draw an object/ animal/ item etc that starts with that letter. I may even include the letter in the illustration! As my name starts with a Z, it’s only fitting that I do this challenge with the alphabet in descending order – Z first.

If you have any suggestions for things to draw, please let me know. The animal obsessed drawerer in me will pick many a furry friend to illustrate, so it would be nice to get some other objects involved too! Who knows, maybe it will even turn back to a drawing a day, sticking to that letter for the week of drawings. You will just have to wait and see!

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